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Racecomp Engineering Lowering Springs 10-14 LGT/3.6R


Manufacturer: Racecomp Engineering

Product Information

The new Racecomp Engineering Legacy Springs are the ultimate performance spring for the completely new Legacy chassis. Racecomp Engineering has answered the call to produce a functional performance spring for the new Legacy sports sedan. The drop is a mild 20 mm front and rear for a lower center of gravity and improved look while maintaining usable suspension travel. Springs rates of 240 lbs/in front and 245 lbs/in rear provide a functional improvement in handling matched to the OEM dampers. Designed from the ground up for the new platform, these springs give the Legacy the handling of a true sports sedan.


Adjustable: No
Drop Height Front: .8 in
Drop Height Rear: .8 in
Drop Height Front Metric: 20 mm
Drop Height Rear Metric: 20 mm
Includes Bump Stops: Yes
Spring Rate Front: 240 lbs/in
Spring Rate Rear: 245 lbs/in
Spring Rate Front Metric: 4.3 kg/mm
Spring Rate Rear Metric: 4.4 kg/mm


2010-14 Legacy GT/3.6R


Product Code: RG275-LG10